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January 2017 Archives

Revision and modification of child support

Child support is a legal obligation for all parents who have been separated. Children are brought into this world by the parents, which is why the responsibility to care for them lies with the parents. Parents must always consider the best interests of their child, even if they do not have full custody. One important part of taking care of your child's needs is paying child support. It is the periodic payment to the custodial parent to provide financial support for taking care of the child. Child support may only be spent on the upbringing of the child.

Father's rights to school records

A father has certain rights and responsibilities that must be given importance when raising a child. As a father, you have the right to review as well as collect your child's school records. For the wellbeing of the child and his or her education, you may be allowed to obtain useful information from the school.

Child custody argument turns violent

Don't let anyone fool you: divorce is one of the most emotional ordeals you can experience in life. Yes, it can often be for the better, letting you find yourself and grow once again. But it is not easy by any definition of the word. That's because you're not only changing your entire lifestyle, separating from someone you once loved, but also because divorce brings with it a range of potential arguments.

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