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August 2016 Archives

Do I lose my base privileges after military divorce?

Generally speaking, military divorces are procedurally the same as civilian divorces. There are, however, a few other issues that may be a factor for the nonmilitary spouse. Many of these additional factors represent a considerable financial investment such as military pension payments, survivor benefits and thrift savings plans. These issues are best negotiated with the help of an experienced military divorce attorney. However, if for some reason you are more concerned with losing your base privileges after divorce, rest assured that this aspect of military divorce is much easier to understand.

Service members may be able to get lost visitation time back

If you are a member of our country's armed services, you have to make many sacrifices in the name of national security. And if you are a parent, that sacrifice likely includes spending time away from your child while on deployment. For any parent, this can be difficult, but if you are a non-custodial parent, then you're already limited visitation time can be seriously reduced because of your service.

Is 'Malicious Mother Syndrome' real?

There is no question that divorce and custody proceedings can bring out the very worst in people. Generally speaking, any family court matter typically does. However, one set of behavioral changes has earned the title of Malicious Mother Syndrome. And, although it isn't recognized by the medical profession as a true mental disorder, many family court commissioners have borne witness to this phenomenon and may have a different opinion.

Domestic violence allegations can impact custody

Child custody is almost exclusively determined using the best interests model. Essentially, the family court will determine what arrangement is in the best interests of the child or children involved. During divorce proceedings, parents may ask the courts to take certain information into account when making their custody determination. Sometimes this information is influential, while other times it makes no difference. When allegations of domestic violence arise, the family court will likely take the best interests model to a whole new level of safety.

Same-sex couples still face challenges

If you are in a same-sex marriage, you hopefully have not experienced any challenges to your equality since your union. However, if you are now facing divorce, you may not have the same luck. Despite any equality ruling, there are some people that don't understand and cannot handle the complexities that same-sex couples face. To receive the understanding you need during this tough time, consider an attorney with experience representing same-sex couples during divorce.

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