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March 2016 Archives

Don't be afraid to pursue support for your newborn

Life is seldom simple, and sometimes we find ourselves in very challenging circumstances. You likely understand this fact if you are a single woman and are expecting a child or have just given birth. In this situation, you may have some important decisions to make regarding how to financially maintain your household.

Military divorces far more likely after deployment ends

Those who are in military marriages understand the challenges presented by a long-term deployment. While the deployed service member may be thousands of miles away, his or her family will have to learn to adapt to the absence. In addition, each spouse will likely be living under very different circumstances and it would be understandable if they started to feel emotionally detached from one another.

Are frequent overnight visits better for infants?

Divorcing parents will always have a number of issues to address when working out a parenting agreement. Making matters more difficult is the fact that a child's needs will change drastically as he or she grows, so determining the child's best interests can be complicated. And this could be especially true when working out custody arrangements for an infant.

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