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April 2017 Archives

No-fault divorce comes under fire

As divorce rates decline around the nation, and according to the Houston Chronicle, fall even faster in Texas, one lawmaker has introduced a bill to re-attach fault to divorces. A Republican representative out of Fort Worth, Matt Krause, has proposed an end to no-fault divorces in the Lonestar state. Krause believes that removing “insupportability” as grounds for filing divorce and forcing a couple to assign blame to one party in order to end the marriage could help to preserve these unions.  

Retired pay in a military divorce

When a member of the U.S. military in Texas gets divorced from a spouse, there are no doubt many concerns on the part of both spouses related to specific military benefits. One issue that may arise is whether or not the non-military spouse might have access to some portion of the military personnel's retired pay. 

Father’s rights in Texas: Times could be changing

In Texas, parental rights have been in the news recently because of a bill, introduced in February 2017, which could change the way child custody cases work. According to WFAA, if passed, Texas House Bill 453 could change the way custody battles are determined in divorces across the state. The term “fathers’ rights” typically refers to several relevant areas in family law, including paternity, child support and child custody, and advocates for HB 453 say that the law will give fathers equal footing in cases relating to child custody disagreements.

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