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July 2016 Archives

Modifying child support to cover medical expenses

Depending on how comprehensive your child support order is, you may have already taken into account medical expenses when determining a support amount, especially if your child has an ongoing or chronic medical issue. However, including medical expenses in a child support calculation is not generally the practice. And, depending on the situation, extraordinary medical expenses may have you looking to modify your current child support order.

Lengthy deployment may lead to divorce

There is no doubt that military families face a great number of challenges during periods of deployment. One of the most significant impacts it has on a family may be that of divorce. According to certain studies, lengthy periods of deployment have been linked to an increase in divorce rates.

Put your trust in an attorney when determining child custody

Divorce is difficult enough without taking into account the emotionally taxing experience of determining child custody. Many times, the changing of homes and sharing of valuable parenting time is too much for divorcing parents to tackle alone. Fortunately, divorcing parents may have an easier time reaching a custody agreement by working with an experienced attorney. With their help, parents may be able to agree on a parenting plan and custody arrangement that benefits both parents and their children equally.

Remarriage and engagement after divorce

Divorce happens for an abundance of reasons, and it is no different for same-sex couples. That being said, some couples get a divorce because they have found someone else they would rather spend the rest of their life with. When this happens, the filing spouse may be champing at the bit to get their marriage over and get remarried to their newfound love. Fortunately, here in Texas, the waiting period after divorce is not nearly as long as it is in some states. In fact, the newly divorced only have to wait 30 days before saying I do again.

Are fathers rights still an issue?

Regardless of the fact that the family court now uses the "child's best interest" doctrine to determine and award child custody, there still remains a gender bias leaning more toward mothers. And, although we have come a long way, fathers are still somewhat the underdog in family court.

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