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Child custody argument turns violent

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2017 | Child Custody |

Don’t let anyone fool you: divorce is one of the most emotional ordeals you can experience in life. Yes, it can often be for the better, letting you find yourself and grow once again. But it is not easy by any definition of the word. That’s because you’re not only changing your entire lifestyle, separating from someone you once loved, but also because divorce brings with it a range of potential arguments.

There’s the issue of child support; who will pay it and how much will they pay? There’s property division; who gets the house and who gets the car? And then there’s the most contentious of them all: child custody. Both parents typically want as much time with their child as possible, and that can lead to some hearty disagreements.

It went a little beyond that for one couple recently. A woman’s ex came over to her house to talk about their child custody issues. The discussion got heated, one thing led to another and eventually police had to be called after the woman’s current boyfriend grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the ex.

It’s a tragic case, but there’s something valuable to be learned here. It’s this: as angry as your child custody issues may make you, you aren’t doing anyone a favor by letting the argument become violent. In fact, you’re only hurting your case.

If you feel your child custody arrangement is unjust, the right thing to do is contact a family law attorney to get a child custody modification.

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