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July 2014 Archives

Texas man accused of killing woman over child support

Creating a life is one of the beautiful experiences life has to offer. That little baby is so innocent and perfect it can make even the hardest of hearts melt. But bringing new life into this world is also a monumental undertaking that requires time, attention and, of course, plenty of money. There are diapers to buy, school tuitions to pay, medical needs to take care of and a host of extracurricular expenses that can add up. Sadly, for some parents the prospect of shelling out cash in the form of child support to take care of the life they created outweighs any sense of responsibility they feel.

Where does same-sex marriage stand in Texas?

Since the striking down of DOMA, those in favor of same-sex marriage have made incredible strides toward marriage equality. It seems like every week a new state is throwing out its ban on gay marriage and opening the way for more and more couples to tie the knot legally.

Was child custody at the heart of Texas shooting?

Throughout a divorce, there are many contentious issues that the couple have to work out. The division of property, alimony and child support can be heated, but often battles over child custody are the most rancorous. Both members of the splitting couple generally want what’s best for the child, but disagree vehemently about what that means. These fights over the children can lead some to act irrationally and do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Deployed soldier faces prospect of losing custody of daughter

Being in the military can put a tremendous amount of strain on family relationships. It’s been all over the headlines of late that the divorce rate among military service members is higher than that of civilians. It’s not that hard to see why. Being deployed means being away from your family for extended periods of time and that can put a major burden on any relationship. That’s not to say it’s impossible to carry on a family life and a military one at the same time, but doing so means overcoming several hurdles.

Texas man gets jail sentence for not paying child support

Failing to pay child support in Texas is an extremely serious offense. Take, for example, the recent case of a Texas man who was sent to jail for six months for not paying his child support. While that may not seem like anything noteworthy -- after all, people are put in jail all the time for not paying child support -- in this case, the oversight is being blamed on a clerical error. You see, the father apparently hadn't paid because he hadn't realized what was going on. When he became aware of his lateness, he paid everything and, in fact, overpaid.

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