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October 2014 Archives

November is Military Family Month

The debt of gratitude this country owes the men and women of our armed services cannot be understated. And while the troops make sacrifices to help maintain our freedoms, so too do their families. Military families have many challenges that are simply not a part of ordinary civilian life. These challenges can bring many different stresses into familial relationships. This can be especially true for spouses who may find it difficult to keep their marital bonds strong.

LGBT history celebrated but same-sex couples still lack rights

As LGBT history is in the process of being made, an observance examines history that has already been written. Not long ago on this blog, we posted a story that demonstrated the apparent increase in support for nationwide legal recognition of gay marriage. In this post, we will spotlight LGBT History Month, which is going on through October.

Father's reunion with missing daughter put on hold

When spouses realize it is necessary that they go their separate ways, the parting can be difficult. This is especially true if there are children involved. When this is the case, it is vital to a child's best interest that they are able to have access to both parents through a fair and reasonable child custody agreement. Recently, an event transpired that exemplifies the importance of fathers' rights in regard to having access to a child.

What can be done if child support payments become unaffordable?

You may be a first-rate parent who always follows through on your commitments in seeing that your children's financial needs are met. But anyone could find themselves in economic dire straits due to the loss of employment or some other form of misfortune. So what happens if you're a non-custodial parent and for some reason you cannot continue making your child support payments in full?

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