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March 2015 Archives

Child custody can be a challenging aspect of military divorce

Military life can offer many benefits. Service members can learn valuable skills while serving their country. But being in the military can also offer challenges. One challenge in particular is sustaining a healthy marriage.

Child custody dispute results in arrest of mother

If divorcing parents are not able to reach a consensus regarding child custody issues, then a court may have to render a final decision. The court will always strongly consider the best interests of the child when attempting to work out custody details. Once the decision is rendered, it is incumbent upon both parents to adhere to the conditions handed down by the court.

There are signs that a relationship is in jeopardy

When you are in a relationship that is not going well, it can be hard to tell if you are experiencing a temporary setback or if something more serious is happening. But while you might not be sure where your marriage or domestic partnership is headed, relationship experts say there are some signs that may indicate genuine trouble:

What do I need to consider when trying to get child support?

It can be difficult for two parents to keep up with all the expenses required to raise a child. But for a single parent, the monthly costs could become overwhelming. Fortunately, custodial parents are often qualified to receive child support. But what sorts of things are taken into account regarding child support eligibility?

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