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November 2015 Archives

Air Force couples to participate in research study

Of all the sacrifices that our servicemen and women make in keeping our country safe, one of the biggest is having to be away from their families for long periods of time. And even when they are stationed in the United States and are living with their families, they still may have to move frequently. These are just two of the issues that can bring pressure to bear on married military couples who are trying to stay together.

Child support can help make the holidays bright

The holidays are a special time, especially for children. Parents also have plenty of reasons to enjoy the holiday season. But the holidays can involve the purchasing of gifts and other treats, which means the household budget can take a bit of a hit. This added financial stress can be challenging for a two-parent household, but in cases where a single parent is taking on the majority of the responsibilities, the situation can be quite daunting indeed.

How does a parenting agreement affect child custody?

Even in the best of circumstances, parenting can be a very taxing endeavor. One thing that can make things easier is if both parents are able to cooperate and share responsibilities. Unfortunately, this sort of teamwork becomes very difficult if parents are not getting along. And if parents are in the process of getting a divorce, working together may become a very strained proposition. In some cases, there may be anger and resentments that make it nearly impossible for parents to agree on the important aspects of child custody or visitation.

Rosie O'Donnell settles custody issues with her ex

Eventually, it may come to pass that the phrase "gay marriage" will only be used in history books. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples have the same marital rights as different-sex couples, there is actually less reason for the phrase to exist. So, perhaps one day marriage will be commonly viewed as a union between two people who love each other and there will be no need to make any distinctions regarding sexuality.

How can a father get his visitation rights enforced?

Being a divorced father can be extremely challenging. If your children are living with the other parent, you may find it difficult to see them as often as you would like. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your children, every moment that you can spend with them is very important. If you have a visitation schedule, you probably have to arrange much of your life to accommodate it. Of course, your children likely look forward to spending time with you when those visitation days come around.

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