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August 2014 Archives

Rising costs make child support even more important

The life of a single parent is filled with unending challenges. You are the one who must take on all adult roles in the household, from giving hugs for good deeds to meting out discipline for bad behavior. In addition, you have to make most, if not all, of the immediate financial decisions and you may be the chief breadwinner as well.

Your child's best interests are critical in a custody case

Not all parents are happy couples, but that does not mean that your child cannot benefit from the love of both parents. At the same time, when parents are separated or divorced and both parents want to be a central part of their child's life, it can result in drawn-out disputes over custody and parenting time. If they cannot reach an agreement, either alone or with assistance from an attorney or mediator, the matter may go to court.

A few things to remember when planning a military divorce

Military divorce, like any other divorce, comes with its obligations and challenges. You will need to reach an agreement on matters like the custody of any children you share and how to divide your assets. You may also need to determine whether you will still be eligible for military benefits or a portion of your spouse's pension.

Establishing paternity is an important decision for Texas fathers

Marriage isn't for everyone and it is not uncommon for children to be born out of wedlock. This needn't be a problem as, after all, parents can love their children just as much whether they're married or not. However, it is important for unmarried parents to be aware of their rights, as they may find their marital status affects their legal relationship with their children. This is particularly important for fathers, as they may find that they need to prove their paternity status.

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