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January 2015 Archives

Sons and daughters benefit from time spent with fathers

Mothers deservedly receive a great deal of credit for the love and support that they provide for their children, but fathers can play an equally important role in making children feel cared for and safe. But if parents are divorced and the mother has primary custody, it can be difficult for fathers to be with their children. Yet time should be set aside because fathers have so much to offer.

Conditions must be met to modify child custody orders

The circumstances of our lives are rarely static. The passing of time will inevitably bring about new challenges as well as new opportunities. In turn, important decisions must be made as we proceed into the future. All of this is complicated enough when our decisions can be made freely, but for divorced parents with children, this is not always the case.

Does PTSD affect the rate of military divorce?

The men and women who serve in our armed forces give so much of themselves in service to our country. Military life is, by nature, very demanding. There can be a lot of moving around and the hours are often long and hard. It is more than understandable how such circumstances can put a strain on a marriage.

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