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Ending a marriage or dividing time with your children are things no one wants to do. When a family experiences a divorce or custody battle, it is natural for all parties to be emotional. Unfortunately, these matters require thoughtful, practical decisions, not emotional reactions.

I am attorney Keith Holloway. My goal in family law is to help clients look at the situation as objectively as possible and keep them focused on the truly important issues. I help them think about their life in a year, five years and 10 years. This approach often makes it possible for them to compromise on less important issues in order to get what they ultimately want.

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Family law is my firm’s primary focus. I began practicing family law at the beginning of my career and continue to do so 26 years later because I enjoy helping people create solutions instead of making problems worse. It is rewarding work, especially when I can make family law disputes less painful for people.

My clients receive hands-on legal service throughout their case. I believe people are best served when they have regular contact and communication with their lawyer. I return calls, answer questions and take the time to explain each client’s options so he or she can make informed decisions. If we need to take your case to trial, you will know what to expect and be well-prepared.

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