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July 2017 Archives

Steps to get child support

If you are going through a divorce in Texas and need to secure child support, there are several steps you should take. We at the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway can help you accomplish everything you need to do and fight for your rights during your court case.

The benefits of joint custody

When Texan parents get a divorce, it's up to them to decide how they want to raise their child. While each situation is different and requires its own unique approach, some studies have shown that joint custody might be a better option in regard to the health and happiness of the child.

What is the Survivor Benefits Plan?

Getting a divorce in Texas can be difficult, but things can become even more complicated if you are in the military. While deployment and duty can cause stress, there are some specific benefits associated if you are getting a divorce from a serviceman or servicewoman. One of those is the Survivor Benefits Plan.

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