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September 2018 Archives

What does “fair and equitable” mean?

As you and your spouse begin your Texas divorce, your property settlement agreement likely will become one of your main concerns. Texas requires that the way in which you and your spouse divide your marital assets between you must be a fair and equitable one. But what exactly constitutes “fair and equitable?”

Do dads get depressed after divorce?

When it comes to the emotional and psychological impact of divorce on people, much of the attention is focused on mothers. Of course, women have many valid reasons to suffer psychologically after a divorce. However, the same applies to dads in Texas and elsewhere. After a divorce, society expects you to be stoic and strong, even when inside you feel as if you are falling apart.

How do you recognize emotional and psychological abuse?

It’s easy to recognize domestic violence when the abuse is physical. If your spouse has ever harmed you or your children, you know that he or she is abusive. It can be hard to leave an abuser, whether the abuse is physical or emotional. However, it may be even more difficult for Texas residents to recognize the latter type of abuse.

What is a Disneyland dad?

Like any father in Texas, you want to have fun and make memories with your children when it’s your turn to have them over. Your visitation plans might include taking them out to eat, a night at the movies and maybe even a trip to a theme park. Unfortunately, after one particularly fun visit, your ex called you a Disneyland dad. What exactly does this term mean, and why is it demeaning?

Can I file for a divorce if I’m deployed?

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, marriage can be challenging when one or both spouses are enrolled in the military. Even strong marriages have their rocky points, but a military marriage can be torture if you or your spouse are no longer happy. What if you are deployed when you realize you want a divorce? You and other Texans in this situation will understandably want answers.

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