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December 2016 Archives

New Texas child support delinquency program yielding results

Back in September, we talked on this blog about a new program that the state of Texas was rolling out in order to collect back child support from those who owe it. Under the new plan, if you're more than six months behind on child support payments, you won't be able to renew your vehicle registration. The state can already take someone's license away, but now so-called "deadbeat" parents will be refused service at the DMV.

Military divorce rates are down

Divorce is tough, no matter your race, religion, gender or chosen career. However, for servicemen and women, cutting ties with a spouse can be even harder, especially when one is deployed overseas. Those long periods of separation can really take their toll and, for that reason, many assume that the rates of military divorce are higher than those for civilians.

Your flaws as a person help you as a father

If you are a father who is about to get a divorce, then hopefully you will be able to have fair visitation rights. But perhaps you are struggling with personal issues that may have even contributed to the end of your relationship with the child's other parent. If such is the case, you may be concerned that your problems make you a less-than-desirable father.

How to proceed with child custody disputes and parental abduction

When family disputes erupt, emotions tend to get in the way and cloud our judgment and actions. In cases of custody disputes, one parent may act on impulse and flee with the child without thinking much of the consequences that may follow.

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