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Revision and modification of child support

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Child Support |

Child support is a legal obligation for all parents who have been separated. Children are brought into this world by the parents, which is why the responsibility to care for them lies with the parents. Parents must always consider the best interests of their child, even if they do not have full custody. One important part of taking care of your child’s needs is paying child support. It is the periodic payment to the custodial parent to provide financial support for taking care of the child. Child support may only be spent on the upbringing of the child.

A child support agreement is reached initially after both parents negotiate and reach a conclusion. This agreement is binding on both parents, and violations could lead to severe consequences. However, you may try to get the agreement amended in case your financial position has changed significantly since that agreement was signed.

States have their own statutes to deal with child support obligations. These statutes define a set of guidelines to follow in this regard and how to decide the amount that is required by the custodial parent. It is important to understand those guidelines before negotiating the terms. Basic salary is not the only source of income incorporated into the child support agreement. Other sources may also be used to justify the amount of child support one must pay.

Understanding child support laws may be difficult without the help of an attorney. If you are currently trying to negotiate a child support agreement, it is advisable to hire an experienced family attorney. The attorney will help you learn more your rights and assist in negotiating the terms of the agreement.