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August 2015 Archives

If contemplating a military divorce, don't delay planning

As the spouse of a service member, you likely know how challenging a military marriage can be. Because servicemen and women can spend so much time on active duty, the onus is often on the non-military spouse to keep a household running. This can be especially difficult if there are children to care for.

Texas family code does not cover same-sex divorce

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision making same-sex marriage legal throughout the country was celebrated by many in the state of Texas. Finally, gay couples have the right to form a marital bond that is recognized by the state. But the flip side of marriage is divorce and same-sex couples are not immune from having difficulties that can lead to a split.

Men can fight paternity fraud with DNA tests

We would all like to believe that those with whom we are intimate will also be honest. Unfortunately, sometimes people choose to act deceptively. Perhaps one of the worst deceptions that a man can endure is when a woman misleads him about a child's paternity. Typically, men welcome the opportunity to share in the caring of children they have fathered. But it is quite another thing for a man to be held accountable for the care of a child who is not his without being aware of the situation.

What are some financial considerations for same-sex couples?

Following the Supreme Court's landmark decision that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, Texas included, many couples chose to hurriedly tie the knot. This response is understandable as so many same-sex couples had waited so long for the big day to arrive.

Divorced parents should share vacation information

Summer is in full swing and for many Texas families that means it's time to take a nice vacation. And sometimes, when parents are divorced, one of them may want to take the children someplace for a few days. This can be especially fun and beneficial if such a trip gives a child more opportunity to spend time with his or her non-custodial parent.

State's child support system IT upgrade behind schedule

Texas has long been committed in the area of child support. The state's attorney general's office has long prided itself on its efforts in the area of child support enforcement. In fact, costs for child support enforcement represent over half of the agency's budget.

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