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December 2015 Archives

It is important to negotiate custody terms you can live with

Most parents want what is best for their children. Yet, even parents who have a strong relationship with one another may have disagreements regarding specific issues. But if the parents do not get along and are not living under the same roof, then getting on the same page on important aspects of a child's life can be very difficult. This is why it is so important when working out an initial child custody agreement that the terms be clear and fair to both parents.

Phone apps may help parents keep track of support payments

As many divorced parents know, the money that is allocated in a child support agreement is often just a portion of the actual amount that exchanges hands. Often, a support-paying parent will contribute more than the minimum monthly requirement in order to help see to the financial needs of his or her children.

Divorced fathers can set their own parenting rules

Sometimes after a divorce, a man may be apprehensive about his role as a father. However, according to a writer who has written about being a divorced father, there are some things that fathers should understand as they transition into their post-divorce fathering duties. Here are a few things the writer suggests you keep in mind:

  • Your home means your rules. As a responsible parent, you have a right to set the boundaries for your children when they are in your possession.
  • You can create and adhere to your own expectations of fatherhood. Being divorced actually frees you to define and live up to what you believe are the standards of being a good father.
  • Regardless of the amount of time you are able to spend with your children, you are a full-time father, and so it is important to be committed to your responsibilities.
  • Your children will be happy just to spend time with you. You do not have to constantly buy them gifts or fill every moment with amusements.
  • The writer also asserts that fathers have natural parenting instincts that they should trust. Over time, you will get to know your "inner dad" and become more genuine in your role as a father.
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