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December 2014 Archives

How do same-sex and opposite-sex divorce rates compare?

Marriage has been called many things, but never easy. When two people choose to share their lives, they face many challenges. So many things can cause the erosion of a relationship. As time passes, a couple may discover that they each have different things they want out of life. Issues regarding finances and the household budget can also drive a wedge between two people. And sometimes spouses simply drift apart and find the bond that was once so strong no longer exists.

Cooperation helps create happy holidays for families of divorce

The holiday season is squarely upon us. One of the chief joys of the holidays is spending time with your children. But while this time of year provides the opportunity for fun, it can also be stressful. This can be especially true for members of families of divorce. Both parents may want to spend as much time as possible with the children. 

Child support is important for meeting household expenses

There is a humorous expression that goes, "there is too much month left at the end of the money." Possibly, some of you reading this post can relate to the sentiment. It seems that every year it gets harder to keep up with expenses. And while such economic struggles are common for many, they are often most profound for those with children.

Custody issues can be settled in or out of family court

Anyone who is going through a divorce likely has a lot on their mind. From having to deal with the emotional upheaval of the situation, to determining the logistics of moving forward with life, it is very easy to be preoccupied. But some issues need direct addressing. If a divorcing couple has children, they will have to work out issues of child custody.

How does a retirement pension get divided in a military divorce?

The process of divorce can prove somewhat confusing to the parties involved. If you did not expect that your marriage would end in divorce, you may have never considered the various ramifications of property division. A military divorce has specific issues pertaining to benefits that are not found in a typical civilian divorce. For example, as discussed on the website, there are specific guidelines regarding the way in which a military retirement pension is divided.

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