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February 2015 Archives

Man must pay large sum in support for a child he did not father

Texas residents who have experienced paternity issues may be interested in a story recently reported by a Detroit TV station. The story is about a man who has to pay over $30,000 in child support. The man's problems started when an ex designated him as her child's father when she filed for welfare benefits. It was in the early 1900s that the man first became aware of having been named the child's father.

How can I prepare for a post-deployment military divorce?

Military marriages can be challenging. When you are married to a deployed service member, it is possible that the time spent apart could create an emotional rift. This rift may become so serious that the service member decides the marriage should come to an end. But what should you do if this happens and the service member has months to go before finishing his/her deployment?

Don't be denied your right to spend time with your child

Life after divorce can have its challenges. This is especially true for divorced couples that have children. In the best of cases, both parents are willing to act cooperatively in regard to matters of child custody and visitation. By acting in concert and putting the best interests of their children first, ex-spouses can make a potentially difficult situation work smoothly.

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