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Determining child custody is usually the most emotionally challenging part of a divorce. Parents want to protect their relationship with their child, but sometimes it is tough to keep their animosity toward each other out of the discussion. The assistance of an experienced, compassionate lawyer can be extremely valuable during this time.

I am Keith Holloway, lead attorney at the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway. I understand that the breakup of your family is difficult, and my goal is to guide you through child custody in a productive way. Most families fare better when they can reach a custody agreement out of court. Through negotiation and mediation, I can help you create a parenting plan that meets the needs of your family. If the other parent will not negotiate with us, however, I have the trial experience and legal knowledge you need and deserve for your representation at trial. To schedule a free consultation, please call 210-570-9977.

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In Texas custody matters, the parent who is awarded primary custody is called the managing conservator. The court typically favors naming the parents as joint managing conservators. When parents are appointed as joint managing conservators, one parent is commonly granted the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of the children, while the other parent will be granted possession (visitation) of the children at specific times.

One of the most common and most highly contested issues in a custody case is whether or not there will be a geographic restriction on the residence of the children. The fact is that the Texas Family Code specifically states that it is the policy of the state of Texas to encourage frequent contact between children and each parent and requires our judges to decide whether or not a geographic restriction on the residence of the children should be imposed in each individual case.

Also, while the Texas Family Code presumes that the standard possession schedule is in the best interests of children, our judges and the parents are allowed to tailor the possession and visitation schedule to fit each family’s unique needs. As long as the best interest of the child is met, the court typically approves custody and visitation agreements.

It is important for the noncustodial parent to receive adequate possession and visitation time. I will help you work out a visitation schedule that is in the best interest of the child and that helps you maintain a relationship with him or her.

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