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June 2016 Archives

Does child support end at 18?

Contrary to common belief, child support does not necessarily end when a child turns 18. In fact, child support doesn't end until a family court judge says so. This court order can be made once a child turns 18, graduates high school, gets married or is emancipated. Until then, however, child support obligations must be kept current.

Military divorce cases require special attention

The life of a military couple is not an easy one. Unfortunately, the difficulties these couples face extend well into the area of divorce. Military couples face unique issues with the dissolution of their marriage, some of the most complex being the issues of property division, child custody and child support. An experienced divorce attorney can help military couples through this challenging time by working toward a fair and equitable property division, and for a comprehensive parenting plan and support arrangement.

Consider a custody modification for summer vacation

Every child in America looks forward to the three months off school they receive during summer vacation. For more than 90 days, families struggle to manage their child's new schedule and the many summer activities that this break brings. For divorced families, this change can create even more challenges. Fortunately, by working together or with an attorney, divorced parents may be able to request a short-term modification to their custody order to help address any scheduling issues summer vacation creates.

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