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August 2018 Archives

Understanding jail time for not paying child support

At the Law Offices Of Keith E. Holloway, we understand that child support payments may be a financial burden to many Texans. However, we also know that the consequences for non-payment of child support are serious. In most cases, you might face the loss of your driver’s license and professional licenses, and you could have your wages garnished. However, in some situations, you could go to jail for not paying child support.

How do children of same-sex parents fare emotionally?

“A child needs both a mother and a father to have the best chance in life.” As a parent in a same-sex marriage, you may have heard this phrase often. Understandably, it can be enough to make you see red. You and your spouse love your children as much as any Texas parent, regardless of your sexual orientation. Despite the hurtful words, or perhaps because of them, you may be interested in finding out how children do when both parents are the same gender.

What is an inconvenient forum and how may it benefit you?

It goes without saying that change is the only certainty in your life. For instance, you may have obtained a Texas divorce in which you received primary custody of your children. Your employer subsequently may have given you a wonderful promotion that necessitated your moving to another state with your children, and the Texas court gave you permission to do so. Now, several years later, your ex-spouse, who still lives in Texas, wants custody of your children for whatever reason. Do you have to go back to Texas to litigate this new custody issue? Maybe not. Per Section 152.207 of the Texas Family Code, you may be able to avail yourself of the inconvenient forum statute.

Understanding a paternity suit

At the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway in Texas, we know how distressed you can become when you have children, but their mother not only refuses to let you see them, but also to admit that you are their father. Unfortunately, when it comes to parenthood, biology really is destiny, and you must be proactive in establishing your paternity.

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