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May 2014 Archives

Court rules state of Texas cannot halt same-sex divorce

Several weeks ago, we discussed a controversial Texas case that has grabbed national headlines. The debate kicked off when a same-sex couple who had legally married out of state in 2010 attempted to get a divorce in the Lone Star state. One woman had filed for divorce and custody of the 15-month-old daughter they shared. In response, her partner asked for the case to be dismissed based on the fact that same-sex marriage is not currently recognized in the state of Texas.

Are Texas courts unfair to men in divorce proceedings?

There is a general sentiment in Texas—and the United States—that, when it comes to child custody and spousal support, the courts are biased toward women. That perception is based partly on the long-held notion that children are better off with their mothers than with their fathers. Father’s rights advocates argue that this is an antiquated belief and men can raise children just as well as women. They’ve been fighting this battle in earnest since the 1980s, when the courts were undeniably in favor of women.

Texans owe more than $12 billion in child support back pay

Every person who brings another life into this world has an obligation to take care of that life. There is a duty to make sure they are cared for, loved and have food to eat and clothes on their backs. In the case of a divorce, a judge may impose an added legal obligation to pay child support to meet at least some of these basic financial needs.

Same-sex divorce case on hold in San Antonio courts

What happens when a gay couple is legally married in one state and then tries to get a divorce in a state where gay marriage is not yet legal? That’s the question facing the fourth Court of Appeals after two San Antonio women, legally married in Washington in 2010, filed for divorce in the state of Texas.

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