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November 2014 Archives

Legislation pre-filed for marriage equality in Texas

In general, the country is presently trending toward the day when all same-sex couples will be eligible to enjoy the same marital rights and benefits as those afforded to heterosexual couples. On this blog, we summarized events that transpired wherein representatives from Indiana and Wisconsin were challenged regarding the same-sex marriage bans that were in place in their states.

Children need their dads for emotional support

Being a father can be both rewarding and challenging. The rewards come from spending time with your child and teaching them things. A good dad wants to help his children develop so they can have a happy, productive life. No doubt, the challenges are legion. From providing for financial needs, to being a firm and guiding hand, fathers have a lot of responsibility.

Child support collection in Texas recognized for excellence

Single parents with children typically have a lot on their plate. Maintaining a home with children has so many demands. A steady stream of income is necessary for everything from food, clothing and shelter to treats and birthday presents. This is why it is important for child support payments to be made and received on time.

Amenable child custody agreement can help provide stability

For the sake of their emotional well-being, children need stability in the home. Household stability begins with the parents. Parents should do what they can to provide an environment that allows a child to feel at ease. A home that is filled with strife can take a psychological toll on a child that could carry over into adulthood.

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