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Child support can help make the holidays bright

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2015 | Child Support |

The holidays are a special time, especially for children. Parents also have plenty of reasons to enjoy the holiday season. But the holidays can involve the purchasing of gifts and other treats, which means the household budget can take a bit of a hit. This added financial stress can be challenging for a two-parent household, but in cases where a single parent is taking on the majority of the responsibilities, the situation can be quite daunting indeed.

It is very possible that the holiday season is the most critical time of the year for custodial parents to receive their due child support payments. Of course, basic expenses are always a priority. But children should also be able to enjoy a measure of happiness; the kind of happiness that the holidays are intended to provide.

It’s not just gifts that are the issue. The holidays also present children with time off from school, during which they may want to go to the movies or hang out with friends. The holidays can also include travel plans to visit relatives. These activities can cost money.

Having the funds your children need and deserve can help make everyone’s holidays more fun and far less stressful. So if you are a single parent who is having trouble getting your child’s other parent to make his or her support payments, you have every right to want the situation corrected.

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