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Does PTSD affect the rate of military divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2015 | Military Divorce |

The men and women who serve in our armed forces give so much of themselves in service to our country. Military life is, by nature, very demanding. There can be a lot of moving around and the hours are often long and hard. It is more than understandable how such circumstances can put a strain on a marriage.

But is this strain even greater for those soldiers who report suffering from the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder after having been deployed? A study examined the connection between PTSD symptoms and divorce rates of post-deployed U.S. Army soldiers. Specifically, the study focused on soldiers who were married and on active-duty.

The results of the study indicate that enlisted personnel who had spent time in deployment faced an increased risk of divorce. Those who suffered with symptoms of PTSD had an even greater likelihood of divorcing.

While these results may not be surprising, they are unfortunate. If this study is accurate, it means that those who make the greatest sacrifices in the course their military duties may also have serious issues in their personal lives.

This is an example of the kind challenges encountered by military couples who are going through a divorce. Any divorce could be emotionally trying, but if one of the spouses is suffering from some form of personal distress, then it is even more imperative that the process be carried as smoothly as possible.

Having an attorney who offers services for those seeking a military divorce may prove of value. The attorney can assess how such things as pensions and other military benefits are to be divided. The attorney might also advise on issues regarding child support and child custody.