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Rock star is accused of not paying child support

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2015 | Child Support |

Child support exists for a very important reason— it is necessary to help cover a child’s expenses. In order that they grow up happy and healthy, children must have basic needs provided for. These needs include food, clothing and shelter.

Children should also be able to count on having gifts on holidays and birthdays as well as treats throughout the year. All of these things are essential in seeing that a child feels secure and loved.

This is why when a parent who is responsible for making child support payments fails to do so, he or she may be taken to task in a court of law. Regardless of the parent’s economic or social status, if he or she does not keep up with their financial commitments, they may end up paying a very steep price.

Take for example the case of rock star Liam Gallagher, the singer for the band Oasis. Recently, a judge in a Manhattan court slapped Mr. Gallagher with a $5,000 fine after he was a no-show for a child-support case. The fine was for having repeatedly missed court appearances.

The judge asked Mr. Gallagher’s attorney of the singer’s whereabouts. She also stated that a doctor’s note describing Mr. Gallagher as being “anxious and depressed” was in no way sufficient.

Paying court-ordered child support is not optional, it is a requirement. Not receiving due payments can cause genuine hardships for custodial parents and the children in their care. If you are facing such hardships, a Texas family lawyer may be able to provide you with assistance. The lawyer might be able to help see that the financial support to which you and your child are entitled is forthcoming.

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