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Sons and daughters benefit from time spent with fathers

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2015 | Fathers' Rights |

Mothers deservedly receive a great deal of credit for the love and support that they provide for their children, but fathers can play an equally important role in making children feel cared for and safe. But if parents are divorced and the mother has primary custody, it can be difficult for fathers to be with their children. Yet time should be set aside because fathers have so much to offer.

Both boys and girls can benefit from spending time with their fathers. It is important for boys to have a male role model. A father can provide empathetic guidance to a boy as he grows into manhood. Fathers and sons can have shared interests in such things as cars, sports and computers that mothers may not be so in to. And as close as a boy can be to his mom, there are some things that a dad is much better suited to counsel on.

A girl’s relationship with her father can be critical because often it is the father who is the basis of a girl’s understanding and perception of men. A father can also help his daughter from a positive self-image by making her feel important and loved.

While the ideal situation is for all family members to live under one roof, sometimes this is not possible. A divorce can be very hard on children who need both parents to be part of their lives. This situation can become complicated and stressful if for some reason a father is obstructed from spending time with his children.

If you are a father who is being denied his court ordered visitation rights, there may be a way to remedy the situation. Attorney Keith E. Holloway offers services that can help see that court orders are properly enforced. Also, if needed, Mr. can aid in the modification of court orders. A summation of these services can be found on the court order enforcement page on this site.