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Legislation pre-filed for marriage equality in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

In general, the country is presently trending toward the day when all same-sex couples will be eligible to enjoy the same marital rights and benefits as those afforded to heterosexual couples. On this blog, we summarized events that transpired wherein representatives from Indiana and Wisconsin were challenged regarding the same-sex marriage bans that were in place in their states.

At present, Texas also has laws enacted that deny its homosexual citizenry the right to legally wed. However, there are some elected officials who are working to change this situation. Recently, two members of the Texas State Senate chose to pre-file legislation proposing a repeal of the state’s prohibition of same-sex marriage.

A statement released by Senator José Rodríguez’s office reiterates the significance of marriage equality. If the proposed legislation is passed, same-sex couples could reap a variety of legal benefits. The statement mentions such things as tax breaks and hospital visitation rights.

Also cited are family law rights pertaining to divorce proceedings and child custody issues. These items are extremely important. Not all marriages work out and same-sex couples need the same divorce processes that are available to straight couples.

The fact that there are politicians in Texas willing to take a stand in supporting the state’s gay community is good news. Hopefully, even more representatives will join in working to see that marriage equality is finally realized.

As for the moment, same-sex couples who were married out of state can face many hurdles when attempting to divorce in Texas. Additionally, couples who have established domestic partnerships in the state could also encounter difficulties when dissolving a relationship. The services provided by a Texas divorce attorney who handles such cases may be able to help you resolve your legal issues.

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