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Children need their dads for emotional support

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | Fathers' Rights |

Being a father can be both rewarding and challenging. The rewards come from spending time with your child and teaching them things. A good dad wants to help his children develop so they can have a happy, productive life. No doubt, the challenges are legion. From providing for financial needs, to being a firm and guiding hand, fathers have a lot of responsibility.

But sometimes circumstances are such that a father may not be able to live in the same household as his children. If he is divorced, a father may only be able to see his children within a time frame that has been established by a child custody agreement. When this is the case, it may be more difficult for a man to establish the emotional connection he wishes to have with his children.

An author, who has done research on fatherhood issues, says that it is important for a father to be a good emotional coach. To do this, a father should pay careful attention to his child’s emotions. If this is done, then the child’s feelings can be discussed and validated. Such sharing can lead to stronger bonds of intimacy.

If you can only spend limited time with your child, then every moment counts when trying to make a strong emotional connection. This connection can be extremely important to a child who wants to have a strong father figure.

However, if the time that you have been granted is being denied by an ex-spouse or other guardian who will not adhere to the conditions of your visitation rights, then your chance to have a mutually beneficial relationship with your child is very much jeopardized.

If you are being unfairly obstructed from spending time with your child due to a dispute with their present guardian, you may wish to address this problem with the help of one knowledgeable in family law. A Texas child custody lawyer can go over your visitation rights and may be able to help represent both you and your child’s best interests.