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Child support collection in Texas recognized for excellence

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Child Support |

Single parents with children typically have a lot on their plate. Maintaining a home with children has so many demands. A steady stream of income is necessary for everything from food, clothing and shelter to treats and birthday presents. This is why it is important for child support payments to be made and received on time.

Under the direction of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the state’s child support system has been receiving accolades of late. The National Child Support Enforcement Association deemed the program to be the nation’s best earlier in the year. Most recently, the Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council bestowed its Outstanding Program Award to Attorney General Abbott’s program as recognition of the excellent job it is doing.

The Texas program can claim the top ranking in the country for total collections and the amount of collections made per full-time employee. It is also the most cost effective program in the nation with every dollar spent bringing in $11.61 worth of collections. The program can lay claim to collecting over $31 billion since December 2002, when Attorney General Abbott assumed his office.

This recognition is clearly well earned and is good news for those custodial parents who depend on child support payments for important household expenses. Still, sometimes a noncustodial parent refuses to keep up his or her financial obligations.

Delinquent payments of child support can place a tremendous strain on a household. If you are a single parent who is taking the daily responsibility for the care of your children, then you know how quickly money spends. You are entitled to the amount that was part of your divorce agreement.

If your child support payments have not been arriving in full and on time, then you may consider discussing the issue with an attorney who deals with such situations. The attorney may be able to help you get the money you are currently owed.

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