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Put your trust in an attorney when determining child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2016 | Child Custody |

Divorce is difficult enough without taking into account the emotionally taxing experience of determining child custody. Many times, the changing of homes and sharing of valuable parenting time is too much for divorcing parents to tackle alone. Fortunately, divorcing parents may have an easier time reaching a custody agreement by working with an experienced attorney. With their help, parents may be able to agree on a parenting plan and custody arrangement that benefits both parents and their children equally.

Child custody is not simply the matter of determining where a child will live but is actually split into two separate categories, physical custody and legal custody, both of which, carry significant importance both during and after divorce. Understanding how these two categories are different may help divorcing parents better address concerns of living arrangements, schedules and parental rights.

In addition to the development of a comprehensive parenting plan, child custody also plays a key role in the calculation of child support. With two such sensitive subjects in the center of an already emotional event, successfully navigating through the process of divorce, child custody and child support usually takes the help of an experienced family law attorney. These lawyers have the knowledge necessary to identify all the major aspects that should be included in a comprehensive parenting plan, while taking into account each parent’s individual concerns.

Divorcing parents do not have to take on the challenging issues of divorce alone. When they put their trust in an experienced attorney, divorcing parents can rest assured that their best interests and the best interest of their children are being looked out for.