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Phone apps may help parents keep track of support payments

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2015 | Child Support |

As many divorced parents know, the money that is allocated in a child support agreement is often just a portion of the actual amount that exchanges hands. Often, a support-paying parent will contribute more than the minimum monthly requirement in order to help see to the financial needs of his or her children.

Typically, a parent will be amenable to handing over some extra money to put toward paying for the child’s extracurricular activities, items of clothing or unforeseen expenses. However, problems can arise if a support-paying parent is writing checks without being properly informed of how the money is really being spent.

It’s easy to understand how a parent may begin to feel resentful if he or she believes that the money that is intended for the child’s expenses is really going for something else. One way to allay such suspicions and hold the parent receiving the money accountable is to set up a system that tracks where the funds are being spent.

To this end, there are phone apps designed to help keep track of financial transactions. The phone apps typically act to interface with services that are designed to store receipts and create transaction records. One such service even provides preset formulas that can further clarify how expenses should be divided.

In addition to specialized apps designed specifically to handle child support funds, families could also use more general tracking programs such as Google Docs or DropBox.

Whatever system a family chooses to use, the final goal is achieving clarity in what funds are needed and accountability regarding where the funds ultimately landed.

Hopefully, you can set up a system that helps keep everyone on the same page regarding the allocation of support money. However, if you find yourself in a dispute because you believe the child’s other parent is not spending the money appropriately, you may wish to contact a Texas family law attorney. With the aid of an attorney, you may be able to find a resolution that ensures your child receives the full measure of your financial contribution to his or her life.