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Child custody can be a challenging aspect of military divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2015 | Military Divorce |

Military life can offer many benefits. Service members can learn valuable skills while serving their country. But being in the military can also offer challenges. One challenge in particular is sustaining a healthy marriage.

Relationships can suffer when a married soldier spends long periods of time away from home. Sometimes a service member may begin to feel estranged from his or her spouse, even when at home.

Marital stress can be difficult for an entire family. At some point, the emotional conflicts a military couple is experiencing may take such a heavy toll that divorce becomes the best option. But a divorce can also be a challenge for those who live the military life.

If a couple has children it can be difficult to create a workable child custody agreement. This is because service members can be deployed anywhere in the world for extended durations. But given that what is at stake is a parent?s ability to have a relationship with his or her child, then finding acceptable terms is vital.

When a military couple divorces, it is very important that both parties receive that to which they are entitled. If you are part of a divorcing military couple, a Texas family law attorney may be able to help you create a child custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child.. At the Law Offices of Keith E. Holloway, we handle military divorce cases. On this page of our website, you can read more about our services.