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How do same-sex and opposite-sex divorce rates compare?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

Marriage has been called many things, but never easy. When two people choose to share their lives, they face many challenges. So many things can cause the erosion of a relationship. As time passes, a couple may discover that they each have different things they want out of life. Issues regarding finances and the household budget can also drive a wedge between two people. And sometimes spouses simply drift apart and find the bond that was once so strong no longer exists.

Both gay and heterosexual married couples may find themselves enduring these kinds of circumstances which often culminate in divorce. But the fact that same-sex marriage is now legally recognized in so many states raises an interesting question: is the divorce rate among gay couples any different from the rate among married heterosexual couples?

A report released by an institute that is part of a law school in California addresses this issue. Official data from New Hampshire and Vermont was used as part of a report. In both of these states, same-sex marriage is legal. The data demonstrates a divorce rate for same-sex marriages of 1.1 percent yearly. This same report states that the divorce rate for opposite-sex couples is higher, hovering at 2 percent per year.

Obviously, more data on this subject will become available as same-sex marriage becomes a more routine part of life in the U.S. If this report bears out anything, it is that same-sex married couples can find themselves wanting to part ways just like those in opposite-sex marriages.

In Texas, the situation is made even more complicated because the state still does not recognize gay marriage. This means if you were legally married in another state and are now currently residing in Texas, you could face many hurdles and delays in receiving a divorce.

A Texas attorney who works on cases involving same-sex divorce may be able to offer assistance in working through this complicated process.