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Custody issues can be settled in or out of family court

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2014 | Child Custody |

Anyone who is going through a divorce likely has a lot on their mind. From having to deal with the emotional upheaval of the situation, to determining the logistics of moving forward with life, it is very easy to be preoccupied. But some issues need direct addressing. If a divorcing couple has children, they will have to work out issues of child custody.

There are two primary methods used to resolve issues regarding how a child’s time will be split between the parents. The first method is for the parents to work out all the details free of intervention from the court. This can happen either through informal settlement negotiations or through alternative dispute resolutions. Often, attorneys are used in both of these kinds of deliberations.

If child custody issues cannot be hashed out amicably between parents, then it may be necessary for a judge to render decisions in a family court. Determining how a child’s time is divided between parents can become extremely contentious. However, if parents place an emphasis on working together, the process can become much easier for all involved.

A Texas divorce attorney may be of service in helping to get custody details solidified in a manner that is agreeable to both parents. The attorney can help parents work out details as to who has the right to make decisions about such things as the child’s education and medical care. Specifics of visitation can also be determined with the aid of an attorney.

Hopefully, amicable solutions can be found for all relevant issues. This would be in the best interest of not only the parents, but the children as well. But, if the situation does call for it, an attorney can represent your interests in family court.