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Your power of negotiation in a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Divorce |

A Texas divorce attorney is a valuable aid, but divorcing couples also typically need to negotiate and speak to one another. Though professional and insightful, a lawyer won’t know your spouse as intimately as you do. In a divorce, it helps to make a direct effort to communicate with your former partner about coming to an agreement.

Listen carefully

By the time you decide to divorce, what your spouse says might be brushed off or ignored by you. Ignoring them, however, could result in you failing to account for their assets. Sometimes, a spouse keeps assets hidden out of spite. Listening now could unveil how willing they are to settle without dispute.

Know the laws

Understanding how divorce laws work in Texas gives you the means of strategizing a legal settlement. For example, current laws protect things like inheritances and premarital assets. Here are a few things an attorney may help you understand:

  • The legality behind the claims you make
  • The way you communicate in getting a spouse to react positively
  • Psychological insights into your spouse’s behavior
  • Your logical requests versus your emotional demands

Separate wants from needs

Before anyone can clearly understand you, you need to understand yourself. Establishing a line between your wants and needs can ensure that you build logical arguments during a divorce. Just imagine, as an example, that everything you request gets denied by a judge. This is why you must ask about what you require to live on vs. what just seems nice to have.

Manage your emotions

Some couples spend years talking about a divorce before going through with one. Take your time, and don’t allow your emotions to rush you into later regret. Talking things through with your partner might, over time, make your transition easier and the settlement go smoothly.