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How money affects the likelihood of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Divorce |

One of the number one causes of stress in a marriage is money. Not being financially stable in Texas can cause a lot of issues in your marriage. However, being rich doesn’t mean that your marriage will be perfect either. Here are some interesting facts about how the amount of money you have can correlate to the likelihood of getting divorced.

Does more money mean more divorce?

While it has been proven that money issues is one of the most common factors that causes marriages to fail, what about when a couple is prospering financially? Researchers have found that divorce rates tend to increase during times of economic prosperity compared to when the economy is down.

This could be caused by a multitude of factors, including the fact that divorces can be very expensive. Many couples would rather try to work it out instead of splurging on a divorce while the economy is declining and things are rough financially. However, when the economy is booming and people’s financial situation is improving, they may be more willing to spend money on a divorce.

Couples that make a lot of money also have other issues to deal with that can lead to divorce. It’s common for certain high-paying jobs to require frequent travel, and being away from home for days and weeks at a time can cause couples to drift apart.

When one partner makes more than the other

Researchers have also identified a trend in marriages where the wife makes more than the husband. These marriages may have a higher chance of divorce than when the husband makes more or when both parties are making comparable amounts. This can be caused by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy or feeling like one partner isn’t contributing to the marriage as much as they should.

Money is a huge factor in everyone’s lives, and the same goes for marriages. When money has caused irreparable damage in a marriage, a lawyer could help individuals to file for divorce