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Do dads get depressed after divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Fathers' Rights |

When it comes to the emotional and psychological impact of divorce on people, much of the attention is focused on mothers. Of course, women have many valid reasons to suffer psychologically after a divorce. However, the same applies to dads in Texas and elsewhere. After a divorce, society expects you to be stoic and strong, even when inside you feel as if you are falling apart.

Post-divorce depression can affect men more than most people think, according to Fatherly. In fact, recent studies suggest that divorced men are more likely to commit suicide than divorced women, as well as fail to take care of their health and die of health conditions that are preventable and treatable. Divorced fathers are also more prone to drinking, smoking and engaging in riskier activities than divorced mothers. Loneliness might be a major cause for your feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness and anger after your divorce. You might mourn the loss of a partner, but even more, you could miss the time you spend with your children.

Losing time with the kids is, sadly, a common occurrence for divorced dads. You may already know that the courts tend to favor mothers when it comes to child custody. It may be difficult enough if you share equal custody with your ex-wife. If you are like many fathers who only get visitation a few weekends or days out of the month, you might feel as if your parenting duties are no longer important.

These feelings and experiences are unfortunate, but you are far from alone. You may have legal recourse, as well as emotional support and assistance, if you are depressed after your divorced and wish you could spend more time with your children.