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How can paternity fraud hurt you?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

As a Texan who’s fallen prey to paternity fraud, you may be wondering exactly how much damage it’s done. Unfortunately, fraudulent paternity claims can make a huge financial, mental and emotional impact on you.

It has been stated by the National Institutes of Health that you may face a number of financial burdens under the assumption that the child you are caring for is biologically yours. This can include schooling expenses, child support payments, cost of living, and additional monetary expenses like gifts, clothes and so on. There are certain cases in which this is done intentionally in order to get money out of you. However, even if it’s unintentional, you have still lost finances at the end of the day and you may not feel like that responsibility was yours to take.

Your financial situation isn’t the only thing that can suffer from paternity fraud, though. You may be left feeling betrayed or helpless. You may no longer know where you stand in regard to the child that you have raised as your own. Paternity fraud can bring along a great sense of emotional instability, leaving you distraught and unsure of how to move forward.

These issues can be righted after the paternity fraud has been revealed. It is even possible for you to fight for money you have lost over the years. Though this is not meant to be taken as legal advice, sorting out your paternity fraud case may bring you some peace of mind and allow you to start focusing on the other areas of damage after the finances have been dealt with, such as your emotional or mental well-being.