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How to proceed with child custody disputes and parental abduction

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Child Custody |

When family disputes erupt, emotions tend to get in the way and cloud our judgment and actions. In cases of custody disputes, one parent may act on impulse and flee with the child without thinking much of the consequences that may follow.

Thankfully the criminal justice system steps in in such matters with laws that help the other parent bring the child back and raise an appeal in court to prevent further incidents of similar nature. In cases of parental abduction, state and federal authorities including the FBI come into play to search for the missing child and parent. Parents can also hire a private investigator to help the police with the search.

Once the child is retrieved, the abducting parent will be subjected to penalties in regard to their violation of court custody orders. If the parents were practicing joint custody earlier, the abducting parent may be denied their custody rights either temporarily or permanently, or lose their visitation rights altogether. They may even have to face jail time or pay huge fines.

If you are a parent facing trouble in child custody and visitation matters, if the other parent is violating the custody orders of your settlement or if you are worried about the safety of your child, you should contact a family law attorney. A skilled attorney experienced in family law and child custody matters can review the details of your case and advise you on how to take the case to court. The attorney will not only make sure that your child is protected but also see that the custody arrangements are fully met.