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Military divorce cases require special attention

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Military Divorce |

The life of a military couple is not an easy one. Unfortunately, the difficulties these couples face extend well into the area of divorce. Military couples face unique issues with the dissolution of their marriage, some of the most complex being the issues of property division, child custody and child support. An experienced divorce attorney can help military couples through this challenging time by working toward a fair and equitable property division, and for a comprehensive parenting plan and support arrangement.

There are several special considerations that military spouses should keep in mind during divorce. The division of marital property and military benefits is so complex it can rival the most involved high asset divorce cases. Military retirements, survivor benefits and health care benefits are all assets that should be included in a comprehensive property settlement agreement. By working with an attorney experienced with military benefits, divorcing spouses can be assured that their property division is both fair and equitable.

The military lifestyle also represents significant challenges in the area of child custody and support. Military divorce lawyers understand these challenges and can assist military spouses with drafting an effective and comprehensive parenting plan that includes arrangements for times of deployment. These attorneys can also help spouses understand and calculate an adequate amount for child support. It is important for parents, both active duty and nonmilitary to see that a child support determination is made using fair and accurate calculations.

Military divorces are extremely complex. Finding an attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the military lifestyle and its benefits may make all the difference in the areas of property division, child support and child custody.