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How can I prepare for a post-deployment military divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2015 | Military Divorce |

Military marriages can be challenging. When you are married to a deployed service member, it is possible that the time spent apart could create an emotional rift. This rift may become so serious that the service member decides the marriage should come to an end. But what should you do if this happens and the service member has months to go before finishing his/her deployment?

Here are some things that can be done in preparation for a divorce as you wait for your spouse’s deployment to end:

  • Start the separation process. In many states, couples considering divorce must spend some time separated prior to being granted a divorce by the court.
  • Gather and organize applicable documentation. Generally, deployed service members will leave most of their important documents at home. Documents that involve insurance, finances, investments and property can offer an explanation of your household’s financial situation.
  • Figure out your potential future expenses. With the information you glean from the documents, you can begin to assess what it will take to financially maintain your household. You may also want to start saving money.
  • Find someone who can provide emotional support. Many of the issues that create problems in a marriage, such as infidelity can be difficult to contend with alone. While you are still married to a service member, you may be able to receive counseling at a local base or post.

These steps may help give you some empowerment during an emotionally draining time. As this article explains, it is important for you to consider the manner in which you wish to shape your life in the coming years. This can be especially critical if you have children to take care of.

Military couples can have specific issues that need addressing when filing for divorce. In order to ensure that military-related benefits are divided properly, you may wish to enlist the services of a Texas divorce attorney. An attorney who is familiar with the special matters inherent in a military divorce may be able to offer assistance throughout the process.