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Will new trend help make divorce easier for children?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Child Custody |

Making the decision to divorce a spouse is one of the toughest choices life can throw at you, but the difficulties of splitting up are greatly magnified when there are children involved.

There are questions of child custody, child support and visitation rights involved; all topics that are not always easy to work out between feuding couples.

Many Texan couples seeking a divorce don’t realize that there are several different types to choose from:

  • In pro per divorce is that rare, elusive split in which both parties can sit down alone and hash out the details.
  • Mediation uses an outside party to bring the couple together. The couple ultimately decides. 
  • Arbitration mimics mediation, but the third-party ultimately makes the decisions.
  • Collaborative divorce is a new trend in divorce which stresses the best interests of the children and family using guidance from attorneys.
  • Litigation is the last resort when neither party can come to an agreement. The court decides the outcome.

In a collaborative divorce, both sides employ their own attorney and meet periodically to work out issues and find solutions amicably. Because both sides in the divorce generally want what’s best for the children, collaborative divorces can be a viable solution. It’s often less costly in many aspects, less emotionally draining and shorter in duration than a drawn-out court battle.

A study by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in 2010 showed that 58 percent of divorces using this relatively new method were settled in less than nine months and experts say it could cost up to three times less than litigation.

A family law attorney in the San Antonio area may be able to help you decide what approach will fit your situation best.

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