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What is the process for modifying a child support order?

Time does not stand still after all the terms have been set and a divorce has been finalized. In fact, the passage of time can see many changes in the lives of divorced couples. As such, the specifics laid out in a child support order may at some point need to be modified. Any number of things may occur that could motivate a parent to seek a modification of a child support order.For example, if a noncustodial parent experiences a notable increase or decrease in income. Also a modification may be called for if the noncustodial parent becomes legally responsible for more children. So what is the process for having a child support order altered in Texas? Well, the modification can be carried out through either the child support review process or a court hearing.

What do I need to consider when trying to get child support?

It can be difficult for two parents to keep up with all the expenses required to raise a child. But for a single parent, the monthly costs could become overwhelming. Fortunately, custodial parents are often qualified to receive child support. But what sorts of things are taken into account regarding child support eligibility?

Child support is important for meeting household expenses

There is a humorous expression that goes, "there is too much month left at the end of the money." Possibly, some of you reading this post can relate to the sentiment. It seems that every year it gets harder to keep up with expenses. And while such economic struggles are common for many, they are often most profound for those with children.

Child support collection in Texas recognized for excellence

Single parents with children typically have a lot on their plate. Maintaining a home with children has so many demands. A steady stream of income is necessary for everything from food, clothing and shelter to treats and birthday presents. This is why it is important for child support payments to be made and received on time.

What can be done if child support payments become unaffordable?

You may be a first-rate parent who always follows through on your commitments in seeing that your children's financial needs are met. But anyone could find themselves in economic dire straits due to the loss of employment or some other form of misfortune. So what happens if you're a non-custodial parent and for some reason you cannot continue making your child support payments in full?

Rising costs make child support even more important

The life of a single parent is filled with unending challenges. You are the one who must take on all adult roles in the household, from giving hugs for good deeds to meting out discipline for bad behavior. In addition, you have to make most, if not all, of the immediate financial decisions and you may be the chief breadwinner as well.

Texas man accused of killing woman over child support

Creating a life is one of the beautiful experiences life has to offer. That little baby is so innocent and perfect it can make even the hardest of hearts melt. But bringing new life into this world is also a monumental undertaking that requires time, attention and, of course, plenty of money. There are diapers to buy, school tuitions to pay, medical needs to take care of and a host of extracurricular expenses that can add up. Sadly, for some parents the prospect of shelling out cash in the form of child support to take care of the life they created outweighs any sense of responsibility they feel.

Texas man gets jail sentence for not paying child support

Failing to pay child support in Texas is an extremely serious offense. Take, for example, the recent case of a Texas man who was sent to jail for six months for not paying his child support. While that may not seem like anything noteworthy -- after all, people are put in jail all the time for not paying child support -- in this case, the oversight is being blamed on a clerical error. You see, the father apparently hadn't paid because he hadn't realized what was going on. When he became aware of his lateness, he paid everything and, in fact, overpaid.

Texans owe more than $12 billion in child support back pay

Every person who brings another life into this world has an obligation to take care of that life. There is a duty to make sure they are cared for, loved and have food to eat and clothes on their backs. In the case of a divorce, a judge may impose an added legal obligation to pay child support to meet at least some of these basic financial needs.

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