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Child custody argument turns violent

Don't let anyone fool you: divorce is one of the most emotional ordeals you can experience in life. Yes, it can often be for the better, letting you find yourself and grow once again. But it is not easy by any definition of the word. That's because you're not only changing your entire lifestyle, separating from someone you once loved, but also because divorce brings with it a range of potential arguments.

How to proceed with child custody disputes and parental abduction

When family disputes erupt, emotions tend to get in the way and cloud our judgment and actions. In cases of custody disputes, one parent may act on impulse and flee with the child without thinking much of the consequences that may follow.

Relocation in child custody cases

All decisions concerning a child need to be made keeping their best interests in mind. The same goes for arrangements regarding child custody. When a custodial agreement is made, the parent with the primary custody is expected to remain in the same city or state. Relocation of the child may affect the child negatively.

Grandmother faces charge of interfering with child custody

Matters of child custody are almost always emotional. That's the case during the divorce process, but animosity can linger for years afterward, especially when one side is upset with the arrangement. However, it's important to trust the justice system and let things take their legal course. A recent case in Texas is yet another reason to never take things into your own hands.

Domestic violence allegations can impact custody

Child custody is almost exclusively determined using the best interests model. Essentially, the family court will determine what arrangement is in the best interests of the child or children involved. During divorce proceedings, parents may ask the courts to take certain information into account when making their custody determination. Sometimes this information is influential, while other times it makes no difference. When allegations of domestic violence arise, the family court will likely take the best interests model to a whole new level of safety.

Put your trust in an attorney when determining child custody

Divorce is difficult enough without taking into account the emotionally taxing experience of determining child custody. Many times, the changing of homes and sharing of valuable parenting time is too much for divorcing parents to tackle alone. Fortunately, divorcing parents may have an easier time reaching a custody agreement by working with an experienced attorney. With their help, parents may be able to agree on a parenting plan and custody arrangement that benefits both parents and their children equally.

Consider a custody modification for summer vacation

Every child in America looks forward to the three months off school they receive during summer vacation. For more than 90 days, families struggle to manage their child's new schedule and the many summer activities that this break brings. For divorced families, this change can create even more challenges. Fortunately, by working together or with an attorney, divorced parents may be able to request a short-term modification to their custody order to help address any scheduling issues summer vacation creates.

What can help a child adjust to custody arrangements?

If you are a divorcing parent, you know that your child custody agreement is one of the most important matters that must be settled. If you and your child's other parent have agreed that you want joint custody, then one of the next steps is to draw up a practical plan that meets the needs of all involved.

What can be done in response to an international abduction?

It is always best for parents to honor the conditions of their child custody agreements. These agreements are created in large part to help provide children get a sense of stability when their parents cannot live together. But that stability can be torn asunder when one parent takes it upon himself or herself to violate a custody agreement by abducting the child. It can be disturbing for a parent when a child is moved to another area of the state or country without permission. But if the child is taken out of the country, the problem is significantly magnified.

Are frequent overnight visits better for infants?

Divorcing parents will always have a number of issues to address when working out a parenting agreement. Making matters more difficult is the fact that a child's needs will change drastically as he or she grows, so determining the child's best interests can be complicated. And this could be especially true when working out custody arrangements for an infant.

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