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Fathers can provide valuable lessons to their children

The Welsh-born English poet George Herbert is credited as having said that "one father is more than a hundred schoolmasters." And although this idea was put forth well over 300 years ago, it remains true today. Fathers can provide their children with a wealth of wisdom and important information.

What sorts of expenses are covered by child support?

Typically, when a couple who has children gets divorced, the noncustodial parent is tasked with providing some measure of financial support to the custodial parent. Child support can be extremely important in helping pay for the costs inherent in raising a child.

Don't be denied your right to spend time with your child

Life after divorce can have its challenges. This is especially true for divorced couples that have children. In the best of cases, both parents are willing to act cooperatively in regard to matters of child custody and visitation. By acting in concert and putting the best interests of their children first, ex-spouses can make a potentially difficult situation work smoothly.

Child custody issues lead to arrest of Texas man

Many aspects of divorce can be contentious and fraught with emotional strain. But the issue of child custody may hold the greatest potential for creating animosity and even dangerous situations. A parent may love their child dearly, but that love must always be tempered with the understanding of what is in the child's best interest. If a parent, for whatever reason, crosses a line that puts their children in danger, then the results could be most unfortunate.

Where does same-sex marriage stand in Texas?

Since the striking down of DOMA, those in favor of same-sex marriage have made incredible strides toward marriage equality. It seems like every week a new state is throwing out its ban on gay marriage and opening the way for more and more couples to tie the knot legally.

Was child custody at the heart of Texas shooting?

Throughout a divorce, there are many contentious issues that the couple have to work out. The division of property, alimony and child support can be heated, but often battles over child custody are the most rancorous. Both members of the splitting couple generally want what’s best for the child, but disagree vehemently about what that means. These fights over the children can lead some to act irrationally and do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Federal benefits for same-sex marriages may take a step forward

Same-sex couples who are married still face an inordinate amount of legal difficulties in every area of life. If they relocate to a state that by law doesn’t recognize gay marriage, even the simplest acts become a legal battleground. Same-sex couples who seek a divorce in non-recognition states face an uphill battle when it comes to questions of child support, custody and property division and many have been flatly denied the right to split up.

Climate changing for fathers' child custody cases

It’s been a long-held belief, in both society at large and the court system, that mothers are more important in a child’s life than fathers. Child custody cases have reflected and perpetrated this belief for decades, automatically awarding children to the mother even when it might not have been in the best interest of the child. Now, the work of fathers’ rights advocates and a general cultural shift are changing some of these antiquated ideas.

Distraught over child custody case, man calls in bomb threat

It's a sad but true fact for the children caught in the middle of a marital split. Child custody issues can be some of the most contentious disputes in a divorce and children are often unfortunate witnesses of their ugliness. Generally speaking, both parents love their children and want what's in the best interest of the child, they just disagree on the definition of "best." One parent will define it as the child coming to live with them, while the other will argue just the opposite. Helping both sides come to an amicable agreement on custody and visitation rights is the work of a family law attorney.

Court rules state of Texas cannot halt same-sex divorce

Several weeks ago, we discussed a controversial Texas case that has grabbed national headlines. The debate kicked off when a same-sex couple who had legally married out of state in 2010 attempted to get a divorce in the Lone Star state. One woman had filed for divorce and custody of the 15-month-old daughter they shared. In response, her partner asked for the case to be dismissed based on the fact that same-sex marriage is not currently recognized in the state of Texas.

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