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What does a CDFA do?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Divorce |

No one ever wants to go through a divorce, but you will want the right kind of professional help if you do ever find yourself in that situation. In Texas, a CDFA enables you to handle divorce like a pro by uncovering the optimal method of approaching the process.

Ensuring good fortunes for your future

CDFA stands for certified divorce financial analyst. Their role is to help their clients to make a plan for their financial future. You, your attorney, and your CDFA will all work together to determine the options they have and help them to make decisions that will be the most beneficial for them.

CDFAs help you to make a plan by examining what the future looks like for you as it relates to your finances. They’ll make sure that what you’re doing is in your financial best interest by demonstrating the paths between their present situation and where it might lead. By learning key pieces of information about their clients, they are able to provide a helpful analysis.

The CDFA is just one member of what you might think of as your divorce team. It’s helpful to have a team on your side when you’re going through such a turbulent life experience. Their job involves various forms of litigation support, which in turn allows your attorney to better support you.

What do CDFAs help with?

Common problems that a CDFA will help you and your attorney work through include:

  • The effects of property division
  • Tax implications
  • Pension and retirement
  • Living situation
  • Insurance
  • Earning capabilities

There’s a level of artistry to being a CDFA, too. They have to think creatively and use innovation to find the best approach to bring your case to settlement. Through the combination of their advanced technical knowledge of this area with this outside-the-box mindset, the CDFA can help you find a way forward.